Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fishers of Men Bulletin Board

This week I have been working on a new bulletin board for our church.  
Starting March 16th, our church will be presenting "The Jesus Story" at a local college. The production is a labor of love for our pastor. This year it has changed with the focus being on Jesus and his disciples. Several of scenes in the production take place on a boat in the sea, so a boat for the bulletin board seemed appropriate. 
The original plan was to make a side view of a boat but because the board is in a high traffic area, it seemed it would inevitably get bumped and damaged. So, plan B was devised - a top view of the boat.  
The base of the boat was made from foam board. A foam board edging was adhered with hot glue and pins for extra stability.
Next, I stained 12 planks of "wafer" thin balsa wood a maple color. I adhered the planks to the to the base and outer sides of the boat using Super 77 adhesive. For the edge and seat planks, I used a thicker balsa to prevent chipping if rubbed up against. These pieces I stained maple but then did a paint wash of black over it so that they would have a more weathered look. 
As the planks settled, some of them lifted a little which gave it a very nice effect once again giving it a more weathered look. 
A theme verse for the production this year is "Jesus said, 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.'" Using my Cricut cutter, I cut the verse from a pearl toned card stock. The cartridges I used were Plantin Schoolbook and Cursive 101. 
Today was the day to put up the board in its entirely.
First, I stapled a light blue paper to the board.  Then, I layered a blue cellophane wrapping paper over the light blue paper to mimic the look of water and waves. The fishing net was purchased via Amazon and stapled into place behind the boat. Finally, I added the parchment paper that has the information regarding the place, performance dates and times for "The Jesus Story".
After the production is over, the board will stay up for another month. The parchment will be taken down and in its place will go pictures from the play.
I have to say that the original "vision" in my head is very close to what was produced today. God is good!!

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